Branding Development Process - Request for Feedback

gm y’all.

We just launched our Discourse server with the objective of being able to have a more organised conversation for gathering feedback on plans and proposals. The first topic is Branding, we have recently been working on our brand and we have heard from the team and community that you would like to have more input on the process.

We heard you and decided to write up an overview of our Branding Program

Please read it carefully, you are able to add comments directly in the document, but feel free to also post a reply to this post with all your feedback.
Right now our aim is to gather feedback on the overall proposal and the first milestone which is to agree to the steps in the Brand Development Process

We are working on very short timelines, so if you want to give feedback on the Program please give it by this Friday 4th of June as we already executing on the Stays branding and want to incorporate as much feedback as possible.

Don’t worry if you don’t make it in time we will still consider your feedback during the other steps of the process.

If you want to be involved on the set-up of our Discourse server join the discussion here