Initial set-up for the Winding Tree Discourse

Proposal is to make a similar implementation to

The main goal of this Discourse server is to have a tool where we can have a more formal type of discussion compared to Discord and improve the governance process.


  • Moderation; private category for admins and moderators
  • General; for discussions that don’t fit in the categories below
  • Governance; discussions relating to the governing of the protocol and projects
  • Technical; discussions relating to the technical aspects of the protocol and projects
  • WIPs; Winding Tree Improvement Proposals
  • Discourse Set-up; discussions about our Discourse (moderation, theme, settings etc.)


  • proposal
  • community
  • branding
  • protocol
  • partners

Other things to think about are specific admin settings? roles? Discourse theme?

Please provide your feedback on this, we can use this thread to discuss the initial set-up of our Discourse Server.